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Providing full value to middle market business owners on the sale of their business has been a hallmark of Sheffield Capital Advisors since 1985. We are committed to helping our clients achieve "top dollar" for their business through:

Family-Owned Businesses

The decision to sell a business is one of the most important decisions in the professional life of any business owner. Since many of our principals and affiliates have owned and sold their own businesses, we strongly identify with the unique challenges and opportunities facing family-owned companies. We understand that family businesses have many stakeholders who often have divergent interests. We recognize that personal and emotional factors are often key drivers in the effort to align family needs with the objectives of the business. Who is active in the business? Who is inactive, but relies upon the business for personal income or wealth? Who needs personal liquidity for retirement or other reasons? How can generational transfers of managerial responsibilities and wealth be handled most effectively? Our professional team works closely with family owned businesses to develop solutions which will both monetize and preserve wealth for family members.

Management Buyout

We advise management teams seeking to acquire an operating entity from its owners, as well as owners seeking to sell an operation to its managers. We work closely with our clients to structure and negotiate transactions that meet the objectives of both managers and owners. In addition, we assist management teams in securing the appropriate external financing to consummate the transaction.


A recapitalization involves the sale of less than 100% of a company (typically 30% to 90%), in conjunction with a a transformative senior debt and equity financing. A recapitalization allows a business owner to sell a portion of the company today and achieve personal liquidity. But the goal is to sell the remainder of the company at a later date at a higher price. So, the financing of the recapitalization will often include a layer of growth capital.


A divestiture involves the sale of a subsidiary, division or selected assets of a company. While popular with larger companies, divestitures are perhaps one of the most misunderstood strategies in the middle market. In order to achieve top dollar in some situations, it is important to recognize that the parts may be worth more than the whole.

Sale to a Trust

The sale of all or part of a company to a trust stucture, such as an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) or a Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT), can achieve significant tax savings, estate planning advantages and employee incentives. These advantages must be balanced against the lower valuation available from trust deals. In addition to transaction services, we assist you with a comprehensive feasibility study to determine if this type of sale transaction is right for your specific situation.

Purchase of Minority Shareholder's Interest

We advise clients on the repurchase or redemption of stock, options or warrants from family members, business partners, employees or other minority investors. The proceeds may be financed through a Recapitalization or other private capital transaction.

Acquisition Searches and Targeted Acquisitions

Acquisitions can accelerate your growth plans and provide the critical mass necessary to create substantial value – by expanding your geographical footprint, adding product lines, achieving scale, or creating other synergies. We assist you with the identification, negotiation, structuring and financing of acquisitions designed to advance your strategic interests.