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Financial Advisory Services

Our financial advisory services are focused on identifying and implementing strategies to provide you with the highest possible value for your business. Typically, these services are performed before and in anticipation of a future transaction (or sometimes to rule out the need for a future transaction).

As your strategic financial advisor, we provide independent and objective advice about the specific challenges you face and the alternative financial solutions which may address these challenges. Our financial advisory services are focused on three key areas – Business Valuation, Business Exit Advisory and M&A Information and Education.

Business Valuation

In order to get the best price for your business, one of the first tasks to complete is a rigorous business valuation. A comprehensive valuation provides a reference point for deciding whether or not to proceed with the sale of your company and later for negotiating the sale. When you fully understand the valuation's approaches and supporting documents, you gain confidence and avoid the financial sin of "leaving money on the table" when the sale is finalized.

A business valuation is an estimate or opinion of the theoretical worth of a company's business based upon its underlying assets, income generating ability, and comparable transactions. There are accepted procedures, methods and formulae for preparing valuations. These accepted approaches and methods are market-tested and have been recognized by the courts in tax and legal matters.

Sheffield Capital Advisors has extensive experience providing valuations as benchmarks for mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, management buyouts and recapitalizations. In fact, due to our recognized expertise, we have delivered seminars around the world where we have trained thousands of corporate bankers in the art of valuation.

Business Exit Advisory

Positioning a company to attract top dollar through a merger or acquisition requires both strategic planning and a healthy dose of discipline. An important service provided by Sheffield Capital Advisors is assisting companies in the development of action plans designed to maximize future value and prepare the business to be sold at an appropriate time. We prefer to be involved with our clients very early in the process in order to provide our professional insight and potential solutions to such important questions as:

As part of this service, we evaluate a range of transaction strategies – including acquisitions, divestitures, recapitalizations and the full range of business sale possibilities – and measure how each strategy impacts your business objectives. Key strategic considerations may include succession issues, family dynamics, employee issues, estate planning, value maximization, asset diversification and risk. We can help you evaluate these factors and work through the pre-sale preparations to smooth the path to a successful transaction.

M&A Information and Education

In conjunction with our training and education affiliate, FinQuest Partners LLC, we conduct seminars on a world-wide basis to select audiences of business owners, financial institutions, industry associations and professional service organizations. The seminars are designed to foster a more complete understanding of the business exit alternatives and their strategy implications. The main purpose of the seminars is to help business owners make more-informed decisions about their transaction alternatives. For example, our flagship seminar for business owners, "A Primer on Selling Your Closely Held Business", is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the M&A process and focuses on key elements and strategies which work to maximize the value of the business.